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(Video 1)"ONCE YOU FALL IN LOVE (The LOVE of LIFE) JAZZ Audio Book"
The Book Behind The Musical (Video 2) "LIFE, DEAL WITH IT, LIVE!"

SYNOPSIS: Philadelphia nightclub owner and jazz singer, Christine Cross, refuses to accept the loss of her husband. Joey’s plane disappeared over North Vietnam without a trace three years ago in 1973. The military has declared Joey Missing in Action (MIA) Presumed Dead. Christine considers the government’s decision—hasty and unfounded. If Joey were dead, she would feel it instinctively!
Christine fights to keep her love alive and to maintain her sanity—WILL LOVE DIE OR LIVE?

—The Minding Blowing—
JAZZ Narrative with Music and Dance by Cullen Knight

SYNOPSIS: A devastating chain of events turns the renowned prima ballerina Catalina Maria Sanchez’s life upside down and inside out!
The acclaimed dancer is now, The ENCHANTING, Major Catalina Maria Sanchez, The People’s Soldier…. The Major is one of her country’s foremost DGI agents (top of the class at The Soviet KGB Academy).
This Passionate Psychological Thriller takes foreign intrigue to another level, West Germany, Cuba, Africa, Russia… and forbidden love!